Our Philosophy

  • Each of us may live a long life.
  • Living longer requires more money.
  • Unless poor health forces it, you don't retire until you can afford to retire.
  • If you are prepared, there is no reason to fear.

Important Facts to Consider

  • 78 million “Baby Boomers” start turning 65 in 2011 with fewer workers to care for them. [1]
  • There are now 35 million Americans over the age of 65 with 70 million expected by 2030.
  • The fastest growing segment of retirees are those age 85+.
  • There are now 75,000 over the age of 100 with expectations of 3x that number by 2030. [2]
  • Medical costs are inflating faster than most expenses and are disproportionately experienced by seniors due to the natural results of aging.


The "New Reality" of Retirement

Recent economic recessions and the COVID-19 pandemic have wiped out the savings and confidence of many, causing them to re-think long-held assumptions about the timing and circumstances of their retirement.   Likewise, government spending patterns and increased awareness of demographics have caused many Americans to re-think the likelihood of “government assistance” in their personal future and have convinced many that massive tax increases are coming.  Their new mantra is “My future is up to me.”

In light of these changes, many Americans are resigning themselves to continued employment -- not being able to retire at all, or at least not full-time.  While that may be mentally and physically healthier than retiring to their favorite Lazy-Boy chair, having a choice in the matter is still important for most people.   True freedom of choice requires preparation, time, effort, and commitment.  Like the climb to a target elevation, the earlier the preparation and effort, the easier the climb and more gentle the slope.

Is a comfortable “retirement” still possible?  Of course.  Is it guaranteed?  No.   

Don't leave your future to chance.  Benefit from a caring, experienced, well- educated financial professional. 


There are many issues to consider: an experienced financial professional can help you identify and prioritize what is most important to you. Just as no single automobile (ex. van, sports car, or sedan) could satisfy every driving preference, no single product or strategy will satisfy everyone's needs. Each product or strategy depends on the needs of the driver: you.   When failure is not an option, visit with a professional advisor.  It's worth your time.  Don't leave your retirement to chance. 


  • Personal - Traditional IRA, Roth-IRA, non-qualified accounts
  • Business - SEP, SIMPLE-IRAs, 401(k), Pensions: New Comparability, Defined Benefit​

[1]  "Growing Old, Baby Boomer Style" CBS News

[2] "Will You Live to Be 100?" Book of Odds