Long-Term Care Calculator

The emotional and pyschological cost of providing long-term care for a loved one is almost impossible to comprehend, however, the financial cost is less difficult.  Although we may not know the exact type of care we -- or our loved one -- will need in the future or how long that care will be needed, spend 5-10 minutes with the our financial calculator for an eye-opening understanding of what you need to anticipate.  Long-term care planning isn't a topic to avoid in the naive hope that it somehow won't happen to you or your loved ones.    The likelihood -- and cost -- is simply too great for a responsible person to avoid planning for it . . .

Remember, the cost of long-term care doesn't happen to you, it happens to your loved ones when they're forced to personally provide for your care rather than merely manage it.  While your illness may prompt this, it's their health that's impacted.

Open this link, experience the calculator, consider the future . . . and then call us for assistance!