Andres Ramirez

President, Health Insurance Services

Andres Ramirez is a seasoned professional with decades of experience in health care policy, advocacy, and implementation. Andres led projects for Know Your Care, Protect Our Care, and the Nevada Health Link to educate people about their health care options and the resources available to them. In addition, he helped enroll tens of thousands of Nevadans into quality affordable health insurance plans on the Nevada Health Link and in Medicaid.

Andres has conducted hundreds of educational seminars regarding the Affordable Care Act and is regularly featured in news media outlets as a credible spokesman on health care issues. He has also published several columns regarding the importance of improving access to and quality of health care. He takes pride in helping people understand the process and choose the right health insurance option for them and their families. Andres understands when it comes to health care “one size does not fit all.”

Originally from Texas, Andres moved to Las Vegas from California and has resided here for more than 28 years. When he’s not trying to change the world, Andres enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and their dogs.

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